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Measure Quality of Experience

Measuring quality of experience in modern networks is onerous. It has to be comprehensive and pragmatic at the same time to collect just enough evidence that are representative of the actual QoE that the users perceive.

Our qMON agents measure 500+ KPIs that span from physical radio parameters and traditional network KPIs to application contexts and MOS scales.

qMON works on any kind of IP-based network, but it really shines on 4G mobile!

Detect Issues and Optimize

Either in a newly implemented network or in an operational one, issues often go undetected and optimisation of coverage, quality, and service performance can be a complex and expensive endeavour.

qMON equips you with rich data sets and powerful case by case analysis to detect issues in your network and will help you continuously monitor quality and performance of your services with an automated and easy to use tool.

Monitor the Measurements On-the-fly

A complete operational picture in real time and insightful metrics are crucial in efficient monitoring and optimizations of your network. KPIs are often scattered across various tools and interfaces, and assembling of a complete network footprint is complicated, expensive and can lack important cross-correlated insights.

qMON dashboard is a one-stop shop that shows you the picture of your network in real time. In combination with qMON Agents, you can now cut filed visits, drive tests, city walkarounds and just-to-be-sure check-ups to a minimum.

Measure Tune Debug Monitor your mobile network with ease.

Collect hundreds of Key Performance Indicators and drill down across multiple layers of the protocol stack
to better understand your mobile network.

How qMON works

qMON agents holistically capture the conditions around the end users and live services and represent them through 500+ collected parameters. Each agent emulates user actions and the way services are used, and while doing so continuously measures a comprehensive range of parameters along the entire communication path. This way, we can show you the snapshot of your network, ranging from user experience to physical parameters.

Real-time agent monitoring

Monitor qMON agents in real-time with a web-based application directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Real-time network monitoring

Observe the health of your network and services in real time with qMON Dashboard where you can access KPI tickets, and different kinds of live visualisations.

Drill-down analytics

Study in-depth analyses and visualisations to gain benchmarking and troubleshooting insights, trend discoveries, quality estimations, performance diagnostics and much more.

Office probes Drive measurement probe

qMON Agent

The agents support active measurements and monitoring of 500+ KPIs on mobile EDGE/UMTS/HSPA/LTE, wireless and fixed networks. We leverage user emulation and realistic load generation to create realistic performance and QoE conditions.

Agents are distributed and operate autonomously, including measurement data caching and job dispatcher configuration caching. Central cloud-based agent management is supported. Agents come with a web-based application to monitor their status in real-time during drive tests. This allows you to check agent status from anywhere on mobile devices, tablets and laptops/PCs.

We provide different agent implementations depending on your needs:

  • mobile probes on industrial HW with internal or external LTE/HSPA/EDGE modem options
  • office/home probe for laptops and PCs
  • data centre and cloud deployments on virtual machines

qMON Management

Configure distributed agents through a web-based interface. Change work orders and customize different measurement types based on your needs.

Agent software supports 9 categories of measurements which can all be remotely managed. This includes: ping, download, upload, web browsing, dns resolution, iperf, youtube video download, Idle-to-Active ping, and PS signallization.

Agent Management GUI

qMON Dashboard qMON Dashboard

qMON Dashboard

Forget separate data sets and multiple incompatible visualisation tools! We have designed qMON Dashboard to provide you with a complete operational picture in real time.

The dashboard allows you to monitor in real time all vital KPIs collected on the field, monitor active qMON agents and observe drive test routs, and access basic decision support data analytics.

Dashboard features:

  • Geographic visualizations with reverse geocoding support
  • Status indicator of active qMON probes
  • Measured KPIs on a timeline and per-device measurements browsing
  • Support for real-time radio and application KPI reporting

qMON Advanced Analytics

We understand that collecting insights is only the beginning. That is why we complete the qMON experience with advanced case by case analytics prepared using professional analytics tools.

Advanced analytics and visualisations will provide you with insights into health of your network, such as benchmarking characteristics, operational trends, access mobile network coverage analysis, QoS and QoE prediction of live services, device and system performance predictions under realistic load conditions, etc.

Interactive reports will help your engineers deep dive into the network and inform your executives about trends, competitive advantages and investment payoffs, all at the same time.


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